For the 2010 Super Bowl of Social Media, It’s Pepsi vs. Coke

In December, Pepsi announced that it would not purchase any advertising spots during the 2010 Super Bowl.  Instead, the soft drink company is opting for social media this year with a campaign called “Pepsi Refresh Project.”  At, users can submit ideas across six categories that will have a “positive impact,” and they can then … Continue reading

Monitoring Social Media Conversations

This past summer, a friend of mine who is an avid college football fan posted a sarcastic tweet along the lines of, “Another recruiting violation by USC? Surely it can’t be true.”  A few hours later, he was creeped out by the fact that he was being followed by USC’s Twitter account.  He may have … Continue reading

The BCS Joins The Social Media Conversation

The BCS has been a controversial topic in sports in the sports world since its inception in 1998.  Sports writers far and wide have criticized the system in newspapers and TV, and President Obama even spoke out in favor of a playoff system over the BCS.  Realizing that millions of fans can now voice their … Continue reading

Tiger Woods and Crisis Communication 2.0

While watching the circus of media coverage this week (Scott Van Pelt is reading Tiger’s apology verbatim as I type), it crossed my mind that social media might help Tiger Woods through his current crisis. Dave Van de Walle, Managing Principal of Area 224, expressed perfectly the reasons Tiger should turn to social media in … Continue reading

Gilbert Arenas (Almost) Returns To Social Media

If you’ve been following sports media, you’ve probably heard by now that Javale McGee used Twitter to announce that Gilbert Arenas finally has a Twitter account.  However, in a strange attempt to defy the logic of social media, Arenas claims he won’t tweet until he has 1 million followers. Although his Twitter feed is bare … Continue reading

Charlie Villanueva’s Use of Social Media

Charlie Villanueva shocked the Twittersphere last season when he tweeted from the locker room during halftime of an NBA game: “In da locker room, snuck to post my twitt. We’re playing the Celtics, tie ball game at da half. Coach wants more toughness. I gotta step up.” Villanueva, then with the Milwaukee Bucks, went on … Continue reading

Getcha Popcorn Ready: The Ochocinco News Network Is Here

Chad Ochocinco (or the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson) is a social media powerhouse.  He’s amassed over 300,000 followers on Twitter, broadcasts “The Ochocinco Show” on Ustream, and recently launched his own iPhone application.  In his latest social media venture, he has announced plans to form the Ochocinco News Network, or OCNN for short.  … Continue reading

The Deadspin Debacle

Deadspin, owned by Gawker Media, is one of the world’s most widely read sports blogs. It has recently garnered attention for a controversy involving sports media giant ESPN. Deadspin allows readers to submit tips on possible sports stories. In August, they received a tip saying that ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips was having an affair. … Continue reading

Sports Journalism 2.0

When athletes entered the blogosphere several years ago, sports reporters held their collective breath, wondering whether the new medium would threaten their livelihood. Then came microblogs such as Twitter, closing the gap between athlete and fan by making it easy to quickly share bite-sized pieces of information. Social media have also blurred the distinction between … Continue reading

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

In contrast to Tweetin’ Pete, one coach who doesn’t “get” social media is Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach.  He’ll be the first to admit it, never having sent a mere email himself.  In the video below, taken from an interview this past summer, Leach gives his limited insight on new technologies and social media. … Continue reading