The BCS Joins The Social Media Conversation

The BCS has been a controversial topic in sports in the sports world since its inception in 1998.  Sports writers far and wide have criticized the system in newspapers and TV, and President Obama even spoke out in favor of a playoff system over the BCS.  Realizing that millions of fans can now voice their … Continue reading

Tiger Woods and Crisis Communication 2.0

While watching the circus of media coverage this week (Scott Van Pelt is reading Tiger’s apology verbatim as I type), it crossed my mind that social media might help Tiger Woods through his current crisis. Dave Van de Walle, Managing Principal of Area 224, expressed perfectly the reasons Tiger should turn to social media in … Continue reading

What Makes Sports Social Networking Sites Effective?

Social networking sites can be a great way for teams to extend their online presence and engage in conversation with fans. Like any other social media venture, there are certain characteristics that make them successful communication tools. Jason Peck, a blogger on social media in sports, describes what makes sports social networking sites effective in … Continue reading