Monitoring Social Media Conversations

This past summer, a friend of mine who is an avid college football fan posted a sarcastic tweet along the lines of, “Another recruiting violation by USC? Surely it can’t be true.”  A few hours later, he was creeped out by the fact that he was being followed by USC’s Twitter account.  He may have … Continue reading

The Deadspin Debacle

Deadspin, owned by Gawker Media, is one of the world’s most widely read sports blogs. It has recently garnered attention for a controversy involving sports media giant ESPN. Deadspin allows readers to submit tips on possible sports stories. In August, they received a tip saying that ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips was having an affair. … Continue reading

Sports Journalism 2.0

When athletes entered the blogosphere several years ago, sports reporters held their collective breath, wondering whether the new medium would threaten their livelihood. Then came microblogs such as Twitter, closing the gap between athlete and fan by making it easy to quickly share bite-sized pieces of information. Social media have also blurred the distinction between … Continue reading

A Pioneer For Athletes In Social Media

Friendster was innovative but unsuccessful, paving the way for Facebook’s explosion in the social networking world. Gilbert Arenas did the same thing for Shaq and other athletes who use social media, according to Sam Taggart of Sports Networker. Shaq has over two million followers on Twitter, but Arenas was one of the first athletes to … Continue reading