To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

In contrast to Tweetin’ Pete, one coach who doesn’t “get” social media is Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach.  He’ll be the first to admit it, never having sent a mere email himself.  In the video below, taken from an interview this past summer, Leach gives his limited insight on new technologies and social media. … Continue reading

Why Coaches Should Follow Tweetin’ Pete

USC football coach Pete Carroll gets social media.  If, for some reason, his job there falls through, I think he would make a pretty solid social media coach. Probably the most popular of Carroll’s Web 2.0 efforts is his Twitter account, which boasts over 100,000 followers.  He doesn’t ghostwrite his Twitter, like many coaches his … Continue reading

Stephon Marbury Syndrome: What Not To Do With Social Media

In my last post I discussed a case study of an athlete who helped his career by using social media.  Unfortunately, all it takes is a daily dose of SportsCenter to realize that many athletes get themselves into trouble by using social media irresponsibly.  In case you aren’t up to date with the Web 2.0 … Continue reading

A Pioneer For Athletes In Social Media

Friendster was innovative but unsuccessful, paving the way for Facebook’s explosion in the social networking world. Gilbert Arenas did the same thing for Shaq and other athletes who use social media, according to Sam Taggart of Sports Networker. Shaq has over two million followers on Twitter, but Arenas was one of the first athletes to … Continue reading

What Makes Sports Social Networking Sites Effective?

Social networking sites can be a great way for teams to extend their online presence and engage in conversation with fans. Like any other social media venture, there are certain characteristics that make them successful communication tools. Jason Peck, a blogger on social media in sports, describes what makes sports social networking sites effective in … Continue reading

Poorly Planned Policies and a Shift in Power

As I mentioned in my last post, the NFL has restricted the use of social media and the NBA plans to follow suit. Other leagues, including the SEC and professional tennis, have established similar policies. The SEC’s policy specifically prohibits ticketed fans from posting photo or video content to social media sites during games. I … Continue reading

Access Denied: The NFL’s Policy On Social Media

The NFL recently announced a new policy regarding the use of social media, mainly Twitter, on game days. Players and their representatives are banned from “tweeting” 90 minutes prior to and during games, and may resume using social media following post-game media interviews. RaceTalkBlog contends that this policy was implemented in order to please media … Continue reading

And The Crowd Goes Wild!…Over Social Media

Let’s first take a look at the group that makes sports as an industry tick: the fans. Without the fans, there’d be no one to pay for the outrageously priced tickets that ultimately pay the athletes, coaches, and everyone involved in making sports a business. According to the report Social Media in Sports, fans are … Continue reading