Gilbert Arenas (Almost) Returns To Social Media

If you’ve been following sports media, you’ve probably heard by now that Javale McGee used Twitter to announce that Gilbert Arenas finally has a Twitter account.  However, in a strange attempt to defy the logic of social media, Arenas claims he won’t tweet until he has 1 million followers. Although his Twitter feed is bare for now, there have been signs of Agent Zero’s former quirky, outspoken self, such as a video he posted to TwitVid in which he slaps teammate Nick Young with a belt for following Shaq instead of him.

Source: Truth About It

Earlier this season Arenas refused to speak with the media.  This led to some very awkward interviews as well as $25,000 fines for both Arenas and the Wizards for not forcing him to comply with league rules.  It seems to me like his Twitter account is just the latest stunt to see how much attention he can attract while not saying anything, and so far it is working.  Journalists are writing about it and bloggers are blogging about it.  But if he doesn’t use Twitter to engage with fans, or say anything at all, for that matter, there is a snowball’s chance in hell that he will ever have one million followers.


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